About Us

With the God help Hadaf for Trading & Contracting Co. have been established, Hadaf Co. brings a group of experienced professionals from around the world with proven record of delivering multiple projects in public and private sectors, with the aim of achieving service excellence to our customers while maintaining the highest standards with purpose of attaining customer satisfaction.

We assure our customers of our continuous strive to provide the best level of performance and our lasting effort to achieve customer satisfaction.

Hadaf will continue to achieve service excellence for our customers by applying our technical expertise our skills, our quality standards, continuous development of our employees and optimal utilization of our supply chain working closely with our customers, suppliers and partners. 



Hadaf co. 
Standing for service excellence in Engineering & Constriction.

  • Hadaf aims at becoming the partner of first choice for projects with the highest technical and quality standards in the region.  
  • Building a successful partnership with international specialized partner to serve attractive markets.
  • Establishing a relationship based on mutual trust integrity and financial capacity comprehensive quality services.
  • Continuous improvement of our services and products through continuous development of our team and knowledge sharing with our partners, suppliers, and customers. 

Our Vision 

“To be among the top leading general contracting companies in the Middle East “


Our Mission 

  • To perform at the highest level of quality construction service at market competitive prices.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by making utmost attention to details, and providing professional, accurate and timely service to customers.
  • To maintain a high level of honesty, integrity and fairness in our relationships with our subcontractors, suppliers, customers and employees.
  • To provide an open environment where our staff can learn and grow.


Hadaf fulfill its sets objectives through: 

  • Focusing on value delivery to its customers across the various markets and industries.
  • Maintaining a flexible structure that connects all parts of the business.
  • Controlling quality and availability of resources.
  • Ensuring high quality of work provision to our clients.
  • Continuous improvement of our capabilities.
  • Supporting innovation & technical enhancement.
  • Commitment towards our employee’s farewell and development.
  • Enforcing health and safety requirements.
  • Carrying on the adaption of advanced system to precisely obey the international HSE requirements, ensuring safety of our employees, customers and environment.


Hadaf approach to quality control and quality engineering is to adopt to develop systems and procedures to meet or even exceed our customer’s requirement. Hadaf is well prepared to overcome future challenges and with its five core values of customers focus, striving for excellence, strong leadership, teamwork and commitment, the company has a formula for ongoing success and set to achieve its goals.